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Media Kit

For Meeting Planners & Event Organizers

As an event organizer, I know how stressful these events can be. That said, when you bring me in, you can stop worrying about the speaker and focus on getting through the rest of your to-do list. Here are some tools that will help.

The following information is standard, but do not hesitate to contact us with any specific requests. We are eager to provide our support.


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Jerome D. Love’s Business Expo

Appearances, Press & Talks

Black Enterprise has tapped Houston businessman and entrepreneur, Jerome D. Love, to be a member of the Black Enterprise Contributors Network. Love is the founder, president and CEO of the Texas Black Expo, the largest cultural marketing tradeshow in the State of Texas.
Link: https://goo.gl/gwQ1UG

Viewers will learn how to find mentors that will push them to their destiny, but also how to quickly identify “tormentors” that pull you back.

Jerome Love teaches how to stay up in a down economy. He also shows people how to find the motive b ehind their motivation to be more focused and achieve goals.

Press & Promotional Photos

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PRINT QUALITY (300 DPI) – Click on a thumbnail below to download high resolution images for your promotional needs. (Images will open in a new window). We request copies of your program and other materials in which Jerome is featured.

Media Requests

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