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Get Up, Get Out, & Get Motivated Program

Success Principles that Build Extraordinary Leaders

Step 1: Get Up  (The Attitude)

  • How did Jerome come back from being expelled two months before graduation … and later graduate with honors?
  • How did Jerome come back from being $100,000 in debt … to build a million dollar enterprise before age 30?

to-16-Cropped-ProgramKeynotePageThe answer is simple: Self-Motivation. If you don’t know WHY you are striving toward a goal, it’s just a matter of time before you quit. Jerome will teach your audiences time-tested secrets about “Getting Up” and looking within to find the keys to defeating apathy, past programming and standing tall in the face of any adversity. He transparently shares how he turned his repeated struggles into incredible successes and uses interactive examples to prove how anyone (even the most apathetic of students) can dig deep within and discover the “motive” that fuels their motivation. They will discover that one thing that they are deeply passionate about and use it as leverage to become excellent at school and in their organizations. They will learn how to become self-starters by using the power of self-motivation.

Step 2:  Get Out  (The Action)

Audiences will learn how to create a “can’t fail” plan and how to take targeted ACTION toward their goals. Jerome reveals how to APPLY their motivation in order to achieve new results. He shares insights on how to quickly identify people as Mentors who will push you up or “Tormentors” will pull you down. Audiences will discover how easy it is to compel people to become their mentors and teach them insights for making success repeatable and sustainable so they achieve higher levels of success and never turn back.

Step 3: Get Motivated  (The Achievement)

People already know that life can be hard, and will be filled with challenges. The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is the way they deal with adversity. Jerome will show audiences how to turn their tragedies into triumph. Audiences will learn the importance of and how to use challenges to learn critical life lessons that will propel them into their destiny. Using his powerful life story Jerome teaches people how to leverage and use the power of perseverance, perception, and patience to tap into their unlimited potential!


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